Dr. med. Anne Fleck

Dr. med. Anne Fleck

Specialist for internal medicine, rheumatology
Medical practice with the focus on: Prevention, functional, nutritional, naturopathic medicine

Dr. Anne Fleck, specialist in internal medicine and rheumatology, also known as “Doc Fleck”, is an internationally renowned expert in preventive and nutritional medicine. She is considered a pioneer of holistic medicine, which combines modern research and traditional healing techniques into an innovative method. The multiple award-winning bestselling author and sought-after speaker also provides advice and support to people on television, in seminars and in her podcast “Dr. Anne Fleck: Health and Nutrition”. With her approach she demonstrates how to heal even serious illnesses and maintain health.

In the literary competition at the German Book Fair in the “Health” segment, she received awards four times in a row as a book author. Most recently in 2019 for her book “SCHLANK und gesund mit der Doc Fleck Methode” (“Slim and healthy with the Doc Fleck Method”). In 2021, she published the bestseller: ENERGY! The healthy way out of the fatigue confusion, available in several languages. Well-known companies, clinics and politicians follow her recommendations.

How Patients rate us

I have been doing a medical check-up according to the Doc Fleck method since 2007. I am thrilled by the approachable manner, the competence, and the modern approach. Years before, I had already been to other "check-up" facilities through my employer. I was disappointed by this: every year there was a superficial organ check, the laboratory results always showed normal findings, although I did not feel completely fit at the time. Tests such as stool exams or for sleep quality were not offered at all and the recommendations for lifestyle improvement, if any, were only blanket and no real help to me at the time. Now I'm experiencing what modern medicine can do and I'm happy to have a place to go as a healthy person to stay healthy. The recommendations are easy to implement and have significantly improved my health and that of my family.

Andreas G, 49 Years

For years I tried numerous diets without success. After a cancer diagnosis, I realized I had to change something. I first learned about Dr. Fleck's approach through her book Schlank! (Slim!) and from TV. I had to wait a long time for an appointment, but it was worth it. Dr. Fleck convinced me with her knowledge and compassion and developed a plan that suited me. I learned to take care of myself with simple tips and managed to lose weight sustainably. I feel strong and energetic now and am so grateful that I have finally started to take control of my health.

Antje S, 41 Years

I had to drive almost 700 kilometers for my appointment. But it is the best thing that has happened to me. Dr. Fleck has finally found a cause for the diffuse symptoms I suffered from for years and for which I was labeled "psycho". With just a few appointments and the recommendations, my life became worth living again and I am back to living life to the fullest. My complaints (irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, hair loss, weight problems and joint pain) have gone and my former depressive mood has also passed. I am very grateful to Dr. Fleck and her team. Through them I have found not only health but also strength to redirect my life.

Jasmin G, 35 Years

I have been a patient of Dr. Fleck's since 2009, and I go there for my preventive care. Even then, she gave me the best tips to help me get through my very stressful everyday life. I am healthy and go to the practice to stay healthy. I think this approach by Dr. Fleck should be taught in school. My whole family implements the simple recommendations and we have been in great shape ever since, virtually never sick.

Gregor D, 51 Years

Love the holistic and unique approach of Doc Fleck. A top dress for functional medicine in the middle of Europe. I have a long travel to make, but it was the best thing I could do for my difficult health condition. Now after the new strategy I feel so much energy again. I can highly recommend the Dr. Fleck┬┤s excellent methode. It works!

Peter K, 52 Years